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Questionnaire: Are You Up to Speed on Running?

By: Mike Kiely BA (hons) - Updated: 18 Sep 2012 | comments*Discuss
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Running is as much a mental as a physical battle, whether that be against a fellow race competitor or your own body's desire to give in when the going gets tough.

The ability to keep a cool head can also come in handy in the locker room when the heat is on to see who has the edge in terms of their knowledge of the sport.

These quiz questions should give you some idea whether you have what it takes to hold your own.


1. The rather exotically named Fartlek is a type of running discipline that originates in Scandinavia. What does it involve?

2.What animal hit the headlines in May 2010 after making unwelcome advances towards female joggers in an Australian town?

3. What is the common name of the running injury that involves damage to the front of the lower leg?

4. Rice is shorthand for a common form of treatment used by physios. What is the full name of this process?

5. Which popular form of carbohydrate is closely associated with long-distance runners?

6. What popular piece of equipment records the number of steps taken and distance covered in an exercise session?

7. Stretching your quadriceps should form part of every runner’s pre- and post-exercise regime. Where are these large muscle groups located?

8. Name the youth in Greek mythology whose bravery inspired the distance event known as the marathon?

9. What is the technical term for the tendency for a runner’s foot to roll too far inward on impact?

10. When the foot rolls too far outward during running, what is the condition referred to as?

11. Who became the first African to win Olympic gold when he crossed the line at the end of the marathon during the 1960 games in Rome?

12. What is the name of the sport that requires participants to carry their bike while running across country?

13. In April 2010, which city in Britain hosted a marathon event for the first time?

14. What is the popular name given to chafing caused by an ill-fitting vest or bib?

15. What is the name given to the half marathon first run in 1981 that is centred around Newcastle and Gateshead?

16. What was the name of the training shoe launched onto the market in the late 1970s which incorporated a revolutionary air pocket?

17. What was the name of the woman born in South Africa who ran for the Great Britain team barefoot?

18. What is the metric distance around one lap of a running track?

19. What are the chemicals present in the brain said to be responsible for runners experiencing a natural high?

20. The initials LSD stand for which form of training often utilised by runners?

21.What type of running may involve you asking the permission of a farmer to cross his field?

22. The combination of enduring energy and strength is commonly referred to by coaches as what?

23. What was the tile of the 1962 British film that told the story of a young rebel who finds an escape from prison life by taking up running?

24.What was the name of the British runner, later honoured as a knight of the realm, who broke the four-minute mile in the 1950s?

25. Recounting his experience of competing in a marathon, one former US president said: “I learned that running can make you feel 10 years younger the day of the race and 10 years older the day after the race.” Who is the man in question?


1 Varying intensity; 2 A kangaroo; 3 Shin splints; 4 Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation; 5 Pasta; 6 Pedometer; 7 Front of the thigh; 8 Pheidippides; 9 Pronation; 10 Supination; 11 Abebe Bikila; 12 Cyclo-cross; 13 Brighton; 14 Runner’s nipple; 15 Great North Run; 16 Nike Air; 17 Zola Budd; 18 400m; 19 Endorphins; 20 Long Slow Distance; 21 Trail; 22 Stamina; 23 Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner; 24 Roger Bannister; 25 George W Bush.

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